Coven of the Arts is a mentorship program created and run by M. Cody Wiley. Cody is a Background Designer, Painter, and Color Designer who has worked on nearly 20 different shows for studios such as Cartoon Network, Titmouse, Bento Box, and more! This program is intended to foster and cultivate a community of aspiring background design and paint artists interested in working in television animation.

During this 10-week program - you will be guided through creating a minimum of 4 new portfolio pieces, from line work to painted, production-ready backgrounds!

Each participant will be granted access to an exclusive discord server where you can connect with your fellow Coven members. This space is intended to get to know other like-minded artists in our community and provide a safe space to encourage, provide constructive critiques, and bounce sketches and ideas off of one another before each week's deadline.
For all Coven updates, visit our official website at:
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